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An Honorary Society Dedicated To The Fun Of Snowmobiling


Our honored award winner for 2023 has dedicated over 50 years of service to snowmobiling. His passion for snowmobiling started in 1967 in Minnesota.


In 1982, he and his family moved to Cresco where they quickly became involved with the Drift Runners Snowmobile Club. Yes, we are honoring Dale Vagts tonight. In 1983, Dale was instrumental in re-introducing the popular Sno-Fest to the Cresco winter scene. It once again quickly became the largest and most popular winter event in Iowa with several thousand snowmobilers converging on Cresco for the weekend.


Dale decided to become involved with the Iowa State Snowmobile Association (ISSA) in 1983 and was elected Director for Region 5. He later went on to serve as ISSA's Vice President from 1988-1990 and President from 1990-1992.


He was instrumental in bringing the ISSA annual Charity ride to Cresco in 1985. The Charity ride and brunch was held in conjunction with the Sno-Fest until 2001.


In 1985, Dale and Dan Martin exclusively designed and presented to EMC Insurance Companies a unique snowmobile trail liability insurance program. V&V Insurance, Dale’s company, wrote policies for Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota in the first years, spreading to as many as 24 states in the coming years. Over twenty years later, V&V Insurance is still insuring more than 700 clubs in 20 states. This program drastically changed and improved trail liability insurance for snowmobile clubs nationwide.


Dale has been an Iron Dog Brigade member since 1983 & has, for many years, given the invocation at our Annual Banquet at the International Snowmobile Congress’ as well as at the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame held in Eagle River, Wisconsin in September of each. Dale continues to work tirelessly every day for snowmobiling, locally and nationally.


Dale has been actively involved in the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame since his well-deserved induction in 2007. In 2017 Dale took over the job of Treasurer of the ISHOF. Dale continues to remain active in his church and community in roles too numerous to mention.


Thankfully, we can say he has survived some serious medical issues and a snowmobile accident this the winter of 2022 which has put a great smile on his face.


We feel Dale has been passed over too long for this important award from the Iron Dog Brigade. He definitely deserves the recognition that goes with this award.

2023 Distinguished Service Award

Congratulations to

Dale Vagts!

Ed Klim Retires, Snowmobile Assoc. Gets A New Leader In Smith

                        January 5, 2024  By John Prusak










For more than a quarter-century, Ed Klim has been the face of the snowmobile world to lawmakers, administrators, rules-makers, dealers, grassroots leaders and more. But on January 15 a new (yet familiar to many) face will take the helm.

     It was announced this morning (January 5) that Klim is retiring as the leader of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA). Yamaha veteran Jaret Smith is taking his place.

     Klim may not have necessarily been a known face to Joe or Jane common snowmobiler. But he’s been a vitally important leader of the sport since taking the lead spot at ISMA in 1995.

     In that position, he has dealt with issues big and small, in North America and beyond, related to snowmobiling at the behest of the major snowmobile manufacturers. Whether it was emissions, land access, safety programs, international manufacturing standards, working with grassroots organizations, the Clean Snowmobile Challenge, industry sales data, joint photo shoots or more, Klim has been a steady hand at the wheel.

     Behind the scenes, keeping the four snowmobile manufacturers working together through the ISMA organization has been a major accomplishment in itself. Previous attempts at industry associations before ISMA fell apart when one manufacturer or another would leave for various reasons.

     That said, among insiders there has been speculation how long Klim would want to continue in the job. He has has reached his middle 70s.

And, for the record, he has absolutely no tie to the Klim snowmobile outerwear brand. That question’s been asked by many over the years. It was just an odd coincidence that Ed Klim (pronounced “Klim” with a soft “I”) joined the industry a few years before apparel brand Klim (pronounced “Climb” with a hard “I”) came to the market.

      When Klim was hired to run the newly formed ISMA in 1995, the sled manufacturers grabbed him from the Recreational Vehicles Industry Association due to his experience running that sort of organization.

Snowmobile Association To Be Led By Jaret Smith

     This time, then went with somebody from inside the snowmobiling industry.

     Jaret Smith has in many ways been the outside face of Yamaha’s snowmobile division in recent years. After earning a degree in engineering and experience working at a dealership, he started with Yamaha in 2016. He was a snowmobile product and accessory planner and moved up to snowmobile product manager in 2018.

     In March of 2022, he added the title of Manager, Yamaha Motor Canada and North America Snowmobile Operations. In his various Yamaha roles, he has also served on many ISMA boards/committees. So, he knows some of ISMA’s inner workings, and the folks from the other manufacturers know him.

     Many consumers may recognize Smith from videos on Yamaha’s social media pages. There, he’s given updates from the brand, given tech tips and shared various news.


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Candidates must have a minimum of 20 years involvement in snowmobiling to qualify to become an Iron Dog.

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 Iron Dog Memorabilia 

We have been finding Iron Dog memorabilia for sale on the internet. Iron Dog memorabilia is for DOGS only. Please inform your family to dispose of your Iron Dog pins, bolo ties, clothing and  etc, appropriately upon your demise. Or if you decide to no longer be an Iron Dog, please properly dispose of your Iron

Dog stuff.

Ways to dispose of Memorabilia:

   Give items to another Iron Dog member.

    Contact an Iron Dog Board Member or the World Snowmobile Headquarters.

Iron Dog Attire

The official Iron Dog Brigade dress:

  • Navy Blue Blazer

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  • Red Bolo Tie or Red Tie

It would be nice if all the male Dogs wore this uniform to the Banquet for the pictures.

The female Dogs are welcome to wear their Iron Dog outfit or another outfit of their choice.

When collecting tickets, please wear your IDB Dress Suit or IDB Polo Shirts and name tag. We want to be easily identified as Iron Dog Brigade Members. See Dog Bling for more info shirts & etc.

During the rest of the Congress events, if you are not wearing the “uniform” please be sure you have your Iron Dog name tag and pin on.

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