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The Iron Dog Brigade had another very successful ride held in the Black Hills of South Dakota headquartering at Spearfish Canyon Lodge.


Iron Dog Duane Sutton was our host & has written up a synopsis of the time spent.We are working on where next year's ride will be - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, South Dakota. Let us know if you have any suggestions or where you'd like to ride in the Midwest. Attached are pictures & Duane's report. Give me a chance to get names on the pictures before you start asking for them. :-)

2019 Midwest Iron Dog Brigade Midwest Ride

In February, I had the privilege to help organize and participate in the Midwest IDB Ride. The event was headquartered out of Spearfish Canyon Lodge in the Black Hills of South Dakota from February 24th through the 27th. 

Due to weather and other issues, several Pups and spouses were not able to attend, but we had between 13 and 15 riders every day. Those in attendance were: Bob and Judy King, Greg and Mary Sorenson, Ron and Gwen Potter, Bob and Marie Linn, and their daughter LuAnn, Ken Stewart, Courtney Livingston, Les Ollila, Todd Stewart, Kip Wagner, Mike Grant and myself. Todd, Kip and Mike were guests as well as Mary, Gwen, Marry & LuAnn. For the most part the weather cooperated, with Monday’s temperatures in the single digits, but Tuesday and Wednesday were much warmer. While there was not much new snow during our stay, the Black Hills, like much of the snow belt, has received above normal snowfall for the season. The trails were groomed pretty well, and there was plenty of opportunity for off trail enjoyment. We averaged one hundred miles each day, and were able to travel to the southern Hills, which isn’t always possible due to low snow conditions. Our days started with breakfast at the Latchstring restaurant, across the road from the Lodge. Our lunch stops were Trailshead Lodge on Monday, Mountain Meadow on Tuesday, and Recreational Springs on Wednesday. Dinners were back at Latchstring, with our wrap up “banquet” being a beef tip and chicken buffet. Joining us for the banquet were Marilyn and David Ruediger of Spearfish. The recipient this year’s “Crapper Award” was Ron Potter. Congratulations Ron. I’ll let him explain the reason for his “luck” at Congress. For the most part, the ride was without incident, and everyone seemed to enjoy the trails, scenery, and company. I want to thank everyone for making the trip under adverse weather and road conditions, which I know at times were challenging. It was my pleasure to be part of such a great group of snowmobilers.


I particularly want to thank Judy King for organizing the hospitality room while we rode, and Bob King, Todd Stewart, and Kip Wagner for taking up the rear to make sure everyone was present and accounted for. Well, except for that one time………….

I’m looking forward to hearing where the 2020 ride will be, and hopefully being able to participate. Again, thank you to all the participants. I had a great time!

Respectfully submitted,
Duane Sutton

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